Weight Loss and Cancer

At the point where an individual is overweight, there are many conditions that they are prone to developing. One of the lesser known diseases that people are aware correlates with weight loss is cancer but in fact, there are certain types of cancers which an individual is at risk of developing if their weight is higher than average.

Cancer of the uterus, gallbladder, cervix, ovary, breast and colon are all common types of cancers in which the rick rate can be increased with an individual being overweight. Although experts have correlated these types of cancers with an individual being overweight, there has been a lack of correlation between the high fat content within the body or simply due to the likelihood of a high caloric intake being present.

Men are at an increased risk for colon cancer, as well as prostate cancer if the body is overweight due to the high fat content within the body and the fact that there are overflows of fat cells that are able to infiltrate the organs of the body.

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